Faal Nikalne Ka Tarika Urdu Faal Kholna In Islam

 Online Faal Kholna :-


Ye Faal nama Bohat Mujarrab Aur Mother Haiu Yub Kisi ko Koi Mushkil Aye Aur Na Maloom Ho Ke Kya Anjaem Ho Ga Tou Woh Surah Fateha Pardhey Aur Us Ka Sawab Ha Ghaus Pak RA Ki Ruh Mubarak Ko Pohanchaye Jub Is Faal Nama ke Zariye Koi Baat Ya Kisi Bhi Tarah Ka Koi Masla Ho To Uska Hal Milega.


  1. Mere upar bhot musibat hai, karza bacche kitaklif, aur, dhande me barkat nahi hai

    Muzhe iska hal chahiye

    Ye aap se gujarish hai

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