Taweez To Get Success In Legal Case

Tweez To Get Success In Legal Case ,” In order to get success in any legal or justice case, head this Taveez daily for 11 times and keep the Taweez alongwith you until the case gets finished. On every date of court’s case after Namaz-e-fajr mix & stir one Taveez in water and facing the against Party sprinkle the same water towards sky. Inshallah, You will definitely get succeed in . your case and the case will be in your favour Legally.

Mohabbat Ki Shadi Ka Taweez

Mohabbat Ki Shadi Ka Taweez,” Agar Aap Kisi Se Pasand Ki Shadi Karna Chahty Hon Aur Agar Apki Koshish Ke Bawajod Rishta Na Ata Ho Aur Agar Ata Ho Aur Pasand Kar Ke Chala Jata Ho Tou Surah Al-Nahl Ki Shuru Ki 16 Ayaat Ba Wazu Paak Aur Saaf Kaghaz Par Mashk Aur Zafran Ba Amr-–E-Majburi Paak Roshnai Se Likh Kar Larki Ke Galay Main Daal Dain.

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