Wazifa Dua for Pregnancy Hamal

Wazifa Dua for Pregnancy Hamal ”, For Pregnancy
for 7 days in the morning write the mentioned ayat on the bread with finger and and eat it, start this from the first moon date.

Dua to Get Pregnant Fast in Islam in English

  1. Make a fresh ablution;
  2. Then take one pure and clean white paper;
  3. Write Verse #31 of Chapter #13, Ar-Ra`d in the Noble Quran, (written above) in the way that each of it’s letters must be written separately. These are called Huroof-e-Mo’qat’te’at (ول و ان ق رآن ا س ی رت بہ ال ج ب ا ل او ق ط ع ت ب ہ ال ل ر ض او ک ل م ب ہ ال م و ت ی ب ل ل ل ہ ال ام ر ج م ی ع م ا). For example- Ale Imran is A L E I M R A N. In this way you can write this Verse #13 in Arabic as well.
  4. Then tie this with any thread on the stomach/belly button of the effected woman;
  5. Insha ALLAH soon the woman will get pregnant;
  6. This Islamic Treatment is tried and tried on 100’s of women.

Ghaur Talab:- Khwateen haiz ke 7 roz me qatayi na kijiye.

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