Wazifa To Stop Illegal Relationship

Wazifa To Stop Illegal Relationship ,” As we know that the illegal relationship is that case in which there is only disadvantages or loss or harmful influence in the form of effects and affects and the persons or group of persons are in harass or in badly way or condition or state also. In the illegal reltionship there is mainly influence in the form of effects and affects on the family or members of family due to which family ‘s parents or guardians are affected by the form of children or adult who created bad or harmful effects or affects in the form of illegal relationship between couples i.e girl friend and boy friend by love point of view i.e love stage between them and we know that there are seven stages of life in which the first one is infant , school boy , lover , etc . which is given by the father of english who is called Shakes Peare , the famous Dramatist in Literacture book.

AS We know that lover stage is very dangerous for the parents i.e father and Mother and also dangerous for the couples or partners i.e boy friend and girlfriend , so for this parents want to best Wazifa and dua ,Istikhara etc , and also they i.e father and Mother read Surat or Surah of the Quran i.e the holy book of the Quran i.e Kalam Pak of Muslims religion or caste ,so if we implement on the Quran Surat or Surah , different types of Aayat as for example KHUL HO WALLA HO AHAD ALLAH HUSAMAD LAMA YA LID WA LAMYU LAD WA LAMYA KUL LAHOO KO FO WAN AHAD . the meaning of this Aayat is Allah is only one ,Allah is unseen or not looked by easily or in siimple way , Allah is no the parents and also Allah have no children also .

So for the stop the illegal relationship we have to use the Wazifa for contro illegal relationship of persons . we have to use the Wazifa are as follows

If we read the Darood e Pak eleven times before and after the wazifa of Ya Rahmano Ya Rahimo and this wazifa read only 1000 times and after attending five times of Namaz i.e from morning to night .

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